According to the Rulebook on Internal Organisation and Systematisation of Jobs in the National Academy of Public Administration, the following basic internal units are formed:

  • Sector for preparation of training programmes and quality management
  • Sector for implementation of training programmes
  • Sector for International Cooperation and Projects
  • Sector for Financial, General and IT Affairs

Sector for Preparation of Training Programmes and Quality Management

Activities related to the preparation of the General Training Programme, the Training Programme for Managers and Professional Training Programme in the bodies of state administration; providing professional assistance in the preparation of specific training programmes and other training programmes entrusted to the NAPA; providing administrative and technical support to the Programme Council and coordinating the work of the Programme Committees; development of methodology and standard instruments for identifying professional development needs in public administration; conducting the assessment of needs for professional development of public administration employees; setting standards for quality management training for public administration officials; analytical and research activities; analysis of reports on completed trainings and achieved effects of trainings; co-ordination of the implementation of e-learning and development of e-learning and interactive teaching materials.

Sector for Implementation of Training Programmes

Activities related to the preparation of the implementation plan of the training programme and the necessary resources; organising and coordinating training implementation processes at the NAPA headquarters and outside the headquarters; implementation of accreditation process for lecturers, programmers and programme implementers; coordination of cooperation with employees in public administration bodies in charge of planning and implementing vocational trainings; managing organisational and technical conditions for the implementation of training programmes; preparation of periodic reports; verification of training; administering online courses; organising and storing materials, media files, literature and other documents resulting from the trainings; preparation and implementation of training programmes for teachers and trainers; organisation of coaching talks and mentoring programmes; determining the effects of the training programmes implemented; preparation of periodic reports on evaluation of vocational training programmes.

Sector for International Cooperation and Projects

Activities related to establishing and maintaining cooperation with international partners and institutions for the education and training of civil servants; preparing baselines for entering into cooperation agreements with partners; cooperation with scientific and research organisations, donors and civil society organizations; preparation of project proposals and implementation of projects; monitoring and reporting on project implementation.

Sector for Financial, General and IT Affairs

Activities related to the preparation of regulations within the scope of the NAPA activities; financial, material and accounting activities; preparation of the financial plan; managing the establishment and functioning of financial management and control systems; development and implementation of the Public Procurement Plan; publishing; keeping a central record of vocational training programmes; development and improvement of the information system to support the professional development of employees in public administration; managing the use of computers and maintaining the network, information systems and records used and maintained by the NAPA; development and updating of the NAPA’s web site.