Needs assessment

The need for professional development exists, specifically if:

  • new regulations are passed which are applied by the state authority or if the amendments of the regulations require specific needs in the civil servants’ activities pertaining to their implementation or if this requires that the civil servants obtain or acquire new or improve the existing knowledge and skills necessary for their implementation;
  • if the state authority is belated with realising the defined obligations or with the activities determined for completition within specific deadlines – with respect to at least 10% of obligations and procedures;
  • if in the process of administrative or legal control of lawfulness of administrative enactments passed by the state authority or its organisational unit at least 10% of enactments which were subject of contrl are cancelled or annulled;
  • if in the process of inspection surveillance or other form of control of lawfulness and purposefulness of the state authority operation, the competent body orders a measure or gives recommendation for eliminating recognised defficiencies with regard to the use of acquired knowledge and skills for performing civil servants duties;
  • if the state authority head deems that the general situation in the field of his/her management and preparation for implementing strategic and planning enactments from the scope of work and competences of the bodies whose work it manages, and which improves the situation in the field of work, indicates the need for professional development of civil servants and
  • if in cooperation with the person responsible for HR management at the state authority in the procedure of assessment, the line manager determines that the improvement of knowledge and skills of civil servants is required.

The National Academy of Public Administration performs development of methodology and standard instruments which enable continuous and flexible monitoring and adjustment of the training programme in accordance with the needs of state authorities and conducts the procedure of determining the needs for the programmes it prepares and conducts.

(Excerpt from the Law on Civil Servants)